We are a start-up branding agency focused on working with brands to create experiences that translates their identity to target audience.

Though we are a start-up agency, we’ve worked on project with some notable brands over the years. Our strength lies in our combination of data and design driven solution. With a friendly smile and a team of “ingenius” minds, we’re expanding our imagination a brand at a time.


Branding is our specialty. We use strategies, creative designs and ideas to create brand experiences that give your customers optimum trust in your products.


Digital for us means simplifying the connected world for brands. Hence, we use responsive web development, information architecture, wireframing etc. to create digital experiences.


Marketing is tactical. Hence, we utilise a series of data driven solutions to increase customers awareness of products, services and also reinforce the brand.

Understanding Branding: Basics

There are a million definitions of the word branding, each one trying to emphasise its importance. Kotler and Keller (2015) defined branding as endowing products and services with the power of a brand. Jay Baer expressed it as the art of aligning what you…

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