Our Story.

IWA was founded by Wole Ademola in 2012, but was not launched until 1st April, 2014. Since then, IWA Branding Agency has set out to provide solution to identity related problems. Our thinking process to achieving this is some what different. Because rather than using creative designs approaches, we prefer to use a combination of data and design.With our team of young “ingenius” minds, we save the world a brand at a time offering our services to three segmented client groups which are:

  1. Start ups,
  2. Corporate Organisations, and
  3. Individuals

The services we offer clients are Branding, Digital and Marketing. Even though we still consider ourselves as a start up, our works has been commended by notable brands over the years. Our brand resonates excellence, and this we pride ourselves in.

Our headquarter is based in Lagos, the commercial capital of West African, but we extend our service offering to other continents working remotely where possible.  If you’d like to ask us a question or consider working together, you are most welcome to contact. If not, engage yourself with our works and recommend us to a friend.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to be human centred and user friendly in every solution we provide