ID card design for TEE-AY-AY
TEE-AY-AY mockup
TEE-AY-AY identity design


TEEAYAY approached us with a project to create a brand identity for their firm and as always, we saw it as an opportunity to turn a client into a friend of the IWA Brand. Focusing on their core competence, philosophy and underneath story, we came up with and identity is not only simple but speaks volumes.

The Logo icon as shown in the left column illustrates three triangles inscribed in a rectangle. Just like the pyramids of Eygpt which is also one of the 7 wonders of the World, and stands for an architectural masterpiece, the triangles represent form and design together. As inscribed in the rectangle, they altogether interprete a firm that is in the Built Environment concerned about physical asthetics and comfort.

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ClientToyin Ayinde and AssociatesServicesVisual IdentityYear2015Link